Whistle Stop Prague Day 3

Day 3 was very short. I flew back to London mid afternoon. In the morning, Jack and I went up the clock tower. There's a short video at the top here. 

Although I didn't have long in Prague, I really felt like I got the most out of the trip in the time I had and I saw so much. I would love to go back at some point for a bit longer, and it isn't far, so who knows? Everyone was so friendly, and I can honestly say I never met one rude person. 

Thanks so much again Jack for having me, and thanks to everyone who has read day 1 and 2 so far and given me their comments. I'm really enjoying blogging at the moment and it's really great to hear back from people reading it. 

On with the pretty pictures and videos! Most of the pictures of the view were taken with my other Sony Cybershot camera. 


Whistle Stop Prague Day 3 from Annie on Vimeo.

View from the plane. 

o2 Arena from the plane. 


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