Whistle Stop Prague Day 2

On day two, despite the 4am drinking at Cross Club the night before, I managed my usual waking up  early. Jack however, was not necessarily the happiest about going to work! He eventually got up at around 11:10 when I said, "Jack quick, you've got work in 50 minutes and you're going to be late!" Some how, we managed to make it in on the tram with him being only 3 minutes late, but he was still in trouble with the scary lady boss! I left him here while the boss lady chilled out, and I went off exploring on my own. 

I had no map, and I really wanted to do it on a budget/on foot. So, I screen grabbed the map on my iphone when I was on wifi at Jack's bar, and off I walked. It is because of this that I don't know what half the stuff I saw actually was, but that's half the adventure right? So I'll try and figure out some of it here as well, as I did get a tourist map halfway through. I'm going to go with photos first today, then video. 

The descriptions are under each photo or set of photos. 

The Powder Tower, apparently one of the symbols of Prague leading into the old town, one of 13 gates into the city, dating from 1475. 

I thought this was the Opera House at first, as it was advertising so many concerts, but it's The Municipal House. It's still a concert hall though and although still beautiful, it's much newer than many buildings in Prague, and you could tell. I loved the mosaic at the top. 

Typical tourist shop display with puppets!

A lovely chocolate shop. I did buy some!

A building in the Old Square. 

St. Nicholas Church, Old Square

This old guy was just sat chilling and napping in his really cool car. 

Galerie Rudolfinum

View from outside the Galerie Rudolfinum. 

 This is underneath The Charles Bridge I'm pretty sure. It reminds me of a Little Venice. People attach padlocks to the bridge to symbolize their everlasting love for each other. 

Love Padlocks
I took this one on top of the Charles Bridge.

 A View of the Cathedral between two buildings. The church is the one on the left. 
 The Cathedral
 Jack at work. 
 I cannot remember where I was at this point. It was round the back of the square and I was looking for nice bars and restaurants. I found the bar in the photos underneath which you can actually see better on Jack's blog here. It's called The Iron Curtain and was underground and full of cool slovak communist art and "junk" as they describe it. They make loads of home made vodkas which you can see in my video for today and their website is on this link.

A Glass brick light fitting in the bar. 

And Finally, the film. 

Whistle Stop Prague Day 2 from Annie on Vimeo.


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