Daddy turns 60.

My dad, and my friend's dad turned 60 in the last month. My dad's was in May and I made a special cake, which I never blogged about. 

So, here are a few photos, of the fun we got up to this weekend whilst prepping the party at my friend's house for her dad. And a small blog of my cake making last month.

Making Home made bunting was a lot of fun (at first! There was a lot to make!) and looked beautiful. Any fabric will do, but we got lucky and had every colour of the rainbow from a fabric sample book which was no longer needed. 

Fold in half and cut a triangle

Attach to a long strip of ribbon with pins, and stitch on. It's that easy. 

Here's how it looked in the garden! 

And here's the cake I promised. 

I made a plain sponge. Vanilla/Victoria sponge type sponge! I don't need to tell anyone how to do this, so onto the pictures. The filling was fresh cream,  strawberry jam and fruit (strawberry, blueberry, banana) and the covering was a cheat of shop bought roll on icing! Then I decorated. 

200g Caster Sugar
200g Softened Butter
4 Eggs
200g Self Raising Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 tbsp Milk

Happy Birthday to our Dads! I'm going to leave it here with the photos. I'd just like to say, that my friend Elizabeth in the photo above with the sewing machine, catered for 60 people at the weekend and it was AMAZING. She is an amazing cook and should definitely start her own blog or catering company! It really was amazing and deserves a mention. 

Please leave comments or feel free to ask anything below! 

x x x x


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