Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Mum's 70th!

I started decorating the night before. This bunting was just brill, I bought 20m from Amazon and the quality for the price was great. 

Things came together slowly, the idea was to make a country garden style atmosphere for an afternoon tea.

By 3pm we were set up and had a little sit down with a pimms to congratulate ourselves on all the decoration and food prep. (I just want to take this opportunity to thank Miranda and Ali who were absolute stars throughout and helped me do everything!)

People started to arrive and I really wish I had taken more photos but I was busy making food and serving drinks!

It was such a gorgeous sunny day that the Golf umbrellas had to come out for extra shade. We were so lucky!

And here is the cake. The expensive cake which forced me to drive to work on Friday, spend more money parking in a car park, and get help carrying it to my car and home as it was so heavy, and I'm not weak!  

Well it made it in one piece and it was so delicious and went down really well with mum. Her favourite kind of cake too. 

This one above is a bit blurry but I didn't get enough photos really and I wanted to put them all up! 

I've know Joan and John since I was born. How cute is this slightly OOF photo of him feeding her?

And then it got cuter still as Valerie fed Rob (My adopted grandparents, and Val has been quite ill lately so it was great to have her over that day)

There seems to be a big gap between my photos. I know a few other people took some. But then it was night time, and all of a sudden, there were just a few of us left, sat round candles drinking the mounds of alcohol we had left and binging on cake and barbecue bits!

So Mama. Happy Birthday. I hope you had the best day and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love you lots.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Being proud and my shit blog?

When I invite someone for an interview for a job, I look them up online.
When I meet someone interesting. I look them up online.
I have an inquisitive mind and I like to know what makes people tick.

When you type my name into Google, you can find out rather a lot about me. I'm fully aware of everything I have published on various platforms over the internet for anyone to read. 

I was looking at a friend's old blog the other day and we were looking at his old pictures, he was reminiscing. Then I made a comment about this blog being shit. "My rubbish little blog."

Why? Why do I say things like that? My blog isn't shit. I worked really hard on it, and I like it! And if someone stalks me online, I can honestly say that I don't think there's anything I'm embarrassed about. 

So FYI if someone puts their life on the Internet, it's there for everyone to read. It isn't really stalking, unless you can't find anything and then you start getting weird and following them home and hiring detectives and shit... that would be weird. 

Also, if you post something online, do it with conviction. Don't be embarrassed by it later down the line. If you're actually embarrassed, remove it. If not then be proud of your hard work and don't put it down.

We put ourselves down too much, well I know I do.