Whistle Stop Prague Day 1

My friend Jack moved to Prague for the summer. He normally lives and studies in Sweden, but he had to move out for the holidays, so he got himself a cheap rental in Prague, and went to live there for 6 weeks and work in a bar. It would be silly not to go and visit as I've never been there before. I also hadn't seen him since Christmas. I had some airmiles so it cost me only £27.00! YES! 

I just have to say before I go on here, that anyone can collect airmiles, or rather avios miles as they've been taken over recently. They are absolutely brilliant. I've been collecting for about 3 years on my credit card, shell card and shopping online, there are loads of ways. Then you get to book a nice BA flight to anywhere, at any time if you have enough miles, without being ripped off! They pay all the charges and taxes, you just give them a small fee. Mine was 4500 miles and £13.50 each way. So go and sign up!

This trip was the perfect sightseeing/blogging opportunity, and I have filmed or photographed as much as humanly possibly. Even though I wasn't there for very long at all. Just 2 nights. 

Jack and I have a deal though, there are some videos and clips which shall never see the light of day! Such a shame, as they are comedy gold! So you'll find my video blog for day 1 on Vimeo. Youtube wouldn't let me have a video over a certain length or quality, so I've decided to try out my Vimeo account which I think will be better anyway. Let me know what you think! 

 If you like the video, please let me know and click the like button or leave me some comments! It's a fairly long video, but hopefully there's some funny stuff in there, so get yourself a cuppa and enjoy Prague Annie style! You can leave comments on my video or at the bottom of this post. If I don't know whether you like it, I'll have to stop making them! 

The first day involved drinking in some bars and trotting around the old town, eating traditional Czech food and going to, what I was told, by a true Czech Resident, is the best club in Prague, The Cross. It was £1.50 to get in! Day 2 will come tomorrow when I've had a chance to edit it! Day 2 will also have some more of the sights and sounds of Prague and less of me being a numpty!

AND finally, I just want to say thank you again to Jack, and his lovely housemates for letting me stay, I had the most brilliant weekend. You can find his blog of his time in Prague here:- AHOJ AHOJ PRAHA!

One more thing, I apologise for my swearing. It isn't ladylike at all!

Whistle Stop Prague Day 1 from Annie on Vimeo.


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