Sunday, 30 March 2014

Power Plant

I'm very behind on my vlogs, blogs and photos, but here I am catching up! I swear!

A couple of posts back, I wrote about the Botanic Gardens in Wellington. Nothing is as magical as the light show at night time in the gardens. My photos do not do it justice and I only wish it ran for longer, it was sold out most nights.

Disclaimers on my photos are just below, and there's only a small selection, as I said, I really didn't do it justice, and the photos don't give you any idea of how the sounds on the installations worked.

1) I wasn't really supposed to be taking photos. Naughty Annie! Discretion was an absolute must and I apologise for my illegal behaviour, but I just wanted a memory for the blog!
2) It was dark, and I'm not that good at capturing night time light. It's something I'm working on, I promise!

 ^^An eye projected on a building opposite the Carter Observatory^^

 Lots of words were scattered in the bushes as you walked through the dark pathways...

 ^^ We met with some bright trippy lights which felt like we were entering another world. ^^

 ^^ Dresses hanging from trees - I loved this bit. I've seen a photograph online somewhere which I pinned on Pinterest once at this link here. I wonder if they got their idea from that? ^^

 ^^Fire and incredible sounds around the duck pond.^^
 ^^Granny Lamps. These brought me so much joy, as you can see from my chuffed posing.^^

 The view from the top, before we watched the cable car go down through a beautifully lit tunnel, then headed home.