Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Horse riding

One of my favourite hobbies has always been horse riding. The closure of many London based riding schools has made this a tricky hobbie to keep up as an adult. Prices of lessons are more expensive than ever and most schools are only equipped for kiddies lessons. 

Recently I found out about Stanmore Riding School, went to visit them and once I'd settled into my job I booked a lesson, I'm now a member of the very small Sunday morning adult riding lessons. 

It's been two weeks now and apart from the agonising pain of using muscles which hadn't been used in years, I have one new friend called Marta who is around the same age as me, I think, and quite a funny instructor called Gary who challenges our riding skills as well as being a nice guy and taking selfies with us. 

I'm enjoying it, and I hope it carries on that way, because it isn't a cheap hobby, but it is fun to be back.

I like this Photo at the top because my horse Dumbledore was being a little angel while Penny who was in season spent the whole hour of our lesson shaking her head, going faster than she should, whinnying at the horses in the field for attention and further refused to pose nicely for a photo! Very funny! 

Monday, 20 June 2016

This week. Good or bad?

This week has had the potential to be shit. I can be quite self critical but I think I may have been a bit self destructive, obnoxious and fairly irresponsible. Also grumpy. Sorry to my workmates, my brain is exploding! Trying to juggle many things, job, Airbnb, Bernays, family, walking the dog, generally just washing myself has been difficult. Adulting is hard. 

I smashed my iPad. Twice, first time was a small crack, second made it look like this. 
Both times I dropped it on concrete, it wasn't in the case to protect it and both times I had alcohol in my system. Not a lot, but obviously enough to be clumsy. 

I also nearly walked over on my ankles, nearly falling over about 4 or 5 times today. My legs are killing me because I went horse riding in the sunshine on Sunday and then trampolined like a nutter for an hour with a load of kids yesterday. Which was obviously the most fun day that I've had in a very, very long time. It turns out I'm stil capable of riding a horse with actual skill, Tumble and I really bonded actually, she was a lovely horse! Then I discovered I could still do star jumps on a trampoline.... 

It was a good week. 

PS Note to self. Stop swearing so much at work. Foul mouth. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Thoughts from the car wash

**I wrote this while the nice men were washing my car, and I was sitting in it watching them. Also the photo above is not my car, but it is an accurate representation of what I have to deal with every Saturday** 

Every week I have to park my car under the shittiest, most well fed birds who live in a tree, they do giant piles of well fed (NW London birds, they get stuffed with fancy food by the old rich ladies!) poop all over my lovely car, and I have no choice but to park under the tree where they live because of the resident permit bays. So every week I have to clean my car, every Saturday, unless I shoot the birds so that they can't do it any more, which would be a bit cruel... although it has crossed my mind... maybe a regular air horn would scare them off?

I know it shouldn't annoy me that much, but there is one thing that is almost more irritating than the giant berry filled shits.

At least one person a week feels the need to point out the giant poo which is the size of a cowpat on my car, and then they feel the need to inform me of how it will corrode my paintwork if I leave it there.

I smile along and say "yes I know" like no-one has fucking told me that before! I deal with it every week! I don't leave it there! I have no choice most of the week or I'd be cleaning it every bloody day! I'm sick of having to explain myself, like I'm some dirty mong who enjoys driving around with shit all over the car. So fuck off with your paintwork corroding, I know alright? There's nothing I can do!!!!

Rant done.

I needed that. If you see shit on my car, please don't point it out. It pisses me off!


Friday, 10 June 2016

This Friday I'm grateful for...

1) Having a very tolerant bunch of colleagues, who when I was feeling hormonal and moody and shouting fuck, cunt around the office for a couple of days about absolutely nothing, just laughed along at my stupidity. At least when I'm grumpy I let people know in advance and I don't shout at them personally!

2) Going to the ballet with Miranda, Mum and Suzanne on Saturday to see Swan Lake and eating the best Italian meal I've had in a very long time. Da Marios in Kensington is so good if you get the chance to go. Such tasty food.

3) Catching up with an old friend who's had a hard time and knowing you made them feel better. Warm fuzzies.

4) Starting a new book on the train and getting absorbed into it really quickly. I haven't read a good book on my commute for a long time. Love it.

5) Making some cool things on our work instagram account. I enjoy a bit of social media. I tried to avoid getting to involved as I'm so busy with all the other stuff, but my what fun we're having coming up with cool ideas. It's the best working around enthusiastic teams of artists.
Go follow us @lexhagvfx

What are you grateful for or happy about this week? 


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Dog on the London Underground

I have been taking Max to work a few times a week. I'm lucky enough that my boss likes him and so do all the staff. No one is allergic and he's well behaved.

So today's post is actually about smiling, most people smile at me when I take him anywhere in London. For some reason, Londoners walk around all day looking like they've been slapped, but the minute you get on a busy train carriage with a friendly dog, everyone wants to smile at you and be your friend. One lady called across the carriage to me on Monday in front of loads of people to tell me, "your dog is beautiful!"

I love it. It makes my day whenever I take him to work with me and I inevitably come home in a better mood for having had him with me all day and for having people be nice to us.

But I don't understand why we can't all smile at each other a bit more, even we don't have dogs.
Maybe compliment a stranger or just simply smile.

Can we all try please? Spread the word! Maybe I'll make some badges that say "smile, I'm friendly Londoner!"

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

New start

I've updated this blog many times since last year, with deep and meaningful stuff about my life, why I stopped blogging even though I had content to post, why I wasn't really the same person any more.

I've kept those pieces of writing for my own benefit but decided not to put them on my blog. Sometimes when you're a grown up with a proper job and lots of clients, putting your innermost feelings on the internet is something to be careful of, and I had to have the internal debate with myself many times about whether my blog needed to know where I'd been. I've decided it doesn't.

I wanted to carry on the blog but I didn't know how, my life has changed, I don't go on amazing trips as much as I did when I was living in New Zealand. Working full time deals with that for me, but that's not to say life isn't fun and interesting and I always had this blog so I could make memories for myself and ones that other people could enjoy on their lunch breaks, as I had with so many other blogs.

So I think my blog style may change. All the archives will stay here for me to look back on.

Tomorrow, fingers crossed I remember to do what I've promised myself I will do, which is try to post a thought of the day, or a photograph. I have some ideas, fingers crossed I can see it through this time, I think I'm back in that place.

Thought of the day today:

It's not nice to let your emotional side take over your practical side. It confuses people. Emotions are hard but try to control them around people who don't deserve your inner bitch. (And yes, this is me telling myself off!)