Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bentley Priory Museum - Stanmore

Last week I went to view a flat with my friend. On the way home, we drove past Bentley Priory which has just been renovated and had a museum built. I said to Ali as we drove towards it, "I really want to go to the museum that's just opened in there." He said to me, "why don't we go now?"

So we did.

Bentley Priory was an RAF base in Stanmore from 1926 until 2008. The house dates back to 1775, but I don't need to give a history lesson, you can read about it's rich history here on Wikipedia. 

Or you could go to the Museum if you're in London. It really is worth it. 

Having grown up in this area, like most locals, I was sceptical about what the developers were going to do when they bought the house. However, they have sensitively restored it and the whole downstairs area is dedicated to a brilliant museum all about the RAF and The Battle of Britain. It's a beautiful memorial dedicated to those who served. 

Below is a view from a dog walk I'd done the weeks before on the nature reserve/common behind Bentley Priory. 

The grand entrance. 

Ali in the first room which is an introduction and history of the building.

There's such a mish mash of styles all over this amazing old house due to it going through so many different families and changes over the years. Just look at that mosaic floor outside. And the wonderful new ceiling artwork in this room above, with it's teeny planes painted in.

I can't wait to go there in the summer and get a coffee in the cafe and sit on the lawn outside.

^^The impressive tapestry^^

^^I believe the stained glass windows are all a fairly new commission^^

If you're a fan of stately homes, history, war things, head on down. It's a fascinating place. Will take 2 or 3 hours to do thoroughly. Ali and I were quite fast and took just over an hour, but I totally intend to go back. 


Friday, 23 January 2015

My chilled life lately

I've been off work enjoying winter and being home in London.

I think my friends think I've gone funny because I don't go out much right now. But truth be told, the last year of work for me was one of the hardest I've ever had and I've just really enjoyed being back at home with mum and the dog, going out for dinner, sleeping in a lot, cooking, dog walking and basically quietly getting on with the simple things in life which I haven't been able to do for some time. 

I head into a new job next week, so I'm so glad to have had this time to myself and this week I had my wisdom tooth out, so I've had plenty of time to sit down and collate all of the photos I've taken over the last few weeks. 

I have a few blog posts coming up, including a long overdue movie I've been editing from a trip in New Zealand but in the first stages, here's a little taster of photos to start you off which may or may not have been uploaded to my instagram, Facebook or other social media sites during my part time hibernation period! 

All photos are taken with my iPhone 6. 

"What have I done? Me? Are you sure?" Maximillion Chasing Dreams Gordon 2015. 

I love this building. It's The Hotel Russell, just round the back of the British Museum.

That incredible glass roof in The British Museum. Mum and I just stopped in for a cuppa before going book shopping, for dinner and the theatre.

I believe this is the Senate House Library. You can see how it caught my eye. The sunset that evening was beautiful.

A beautiful theatre, sadly I didn't enjoy the show that much. The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane.

This is Alfie.

The Old Church in Stanmore.

An evening dog walk with my crazy little sister.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

LA Outtakes

I thought I was finished with my LA photos, but then my friend Rob sent me the ones off his camera.

Now although he took some gorgeous photos of views and his camera is pretty cool, we've covered those bases already. What you really want to see if how many selfies he took of us and how many hilarious pictures he got, generally of me looking over excited. I though these deserved a blog of their own, even if it's just for us to look back on in a few years.

So without any more words, I'll let the pictures do the talking. I have a feeling this is going to be one of my funnier blogs.