Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mount Kaukau Sunday Tramping

The last time I tramped up Mount Kaukau was when I first got here 2 years ago. I completely forgot how breathtakingly beautiful it is. The link to my original walk is here but my camera has been upgraded since that first visit and this Sunday was an exceptionally sunny and clear day.

I went with Nina, Jason, Daisy the beagle and Talulah the labrador.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Avocado Egg boats

My friend Sian posted some baked avocados with egg in the other day on Facebook and said they reminded her of me. So I had a quiet lazy day at home out of the rain yesterday, and I made them and blogged it.

Now it's controversial, because so many people said "Eurgh, baked avocado? Yuck!" Those people are silly and should try it my way. It was so delicious.

It's really easy. My grill is in my oven, so I started with grilling my bacon before I prepped everything else. Then I preheated the oven. You will need this below.

Halve your avocado and dig out a bit more of a hole where the stone goes to ensure that the whole egg fits, mine overflowed a bit so I lost some egg white. 

Crack in your egg. 

Put in the oven to bake at around 180ยบ and just keep an eye on it to go white. About half way through when it's just nearly cooked, remove, sprinkle the chives and bacon round the edge and finish under the grill so that the bacon warms back up too. (I also baked my croissant with the avocado because it was all I had in the freezer to go with the meal) 

 I like a lot of chives and I think it goes really well, so I recommend this amount. If you don't like them, then don't! :) 
 Serve up with home baked croissant and some baby tomatoes. 
 Put a bit of everything on the fork, and gasp at the deliciousness. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Light show on Wellington Waterfront - LUX

On Friday night some friends and I went down to Wellington waterfront to look at the light displays and sculptures which were on for a couple of weeks only, LUX. We were very lucky it was a mild evening, (the weather here has actually been lovely for 4 or 5 days now) and we were going to get food from the trucks down there too, but the queues were huge and some stalls had a wait of an hour!

So we carried on looking at the lights and figured we'd eat afterwards.

Now it wasn't as good as the light show at the Botanic Gardens, but nonetheless, it was a free one and a rather lovely way to spend a mild evening in Wellington.

Everyone knows my night photography is crap, so this was the perfect opportunity to practise. Some were very out of focus and blurred, some were ok! I've picked the best, but I'm still trying!

On with the photos. My establishing and very out of focus shot, but the only one I have of the bridge being all colourful! Just squint and pretend it's clear.

 ^^ These ones played with sound as you pulled a string and made the tops move. I like the sound ones! ^^

^^ The lighthouse slide in Frank Kitts Park ^^

 ^^ These two are hard to explain, and they look crap, but they were amazing, and almost impossible to get photos of because of the crowds. There was a mist of sea water being blown up and the projections were cast into the mist. Very cool, ^^

 ^^ Some new art was up behind the Opera House and the lighting was put up with it, so this was a gorgeous walk through and great for photos! ^^

 ^^ The above 3 and the one below are all in Leeds St where Wellington Chocolate Factory and Goldings are. I wish I had gotten a better photo for the one below, because I love those old apartments. They have so much character. ^^