Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My little pony Sally

The title is misleading. She's not mine! haha! Last week I was dreading riding, they've been putting me on a lovely horse called Tumble, but anyone who has been around riding schools will know that there is that one horse who gets ridden all the time, and last week it was so hot, and Tumble really didn't want to move. I didn't really want to make her either. That's not a fun Sunday activity for me, kicking a tired horse very hard in hot muggy weather.

This week the riding school forgot that we had a lesson, despite being regulars every week! So my friend's horse was out in the field and Tumble wasn't ready, and they put me on a little Pony called Sally, and I might be in love! I love a pony and apparently I ride her well, usually she just has the little kids on her and she can be a naughty pony taking advantage! With me she was a dream! I think I let her down!

Anyway, my friend took some photos on her phone and I think we look quite smart.

 George is attempting to photobomb from the left. He was huge in comparison to Penny at 18 hands!
We had big cuddles afterwards. Such a good girl! 


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My favourites this month

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.... this is a nice thing to do monthly, remember your favourite books, the people who made you happiest and the music.

My favourite blog/blogger:
Life Outside London, Michelle. I just relate to her, we have very similar dogs and we're the same age and she has a way with words which just makes me giggle and relate to her very well. It's my favourite read out of all the blogs because I feel like we've made friends online too. If you click the link at the beginning of this paragraph it will take you to her latest post which is possibly about liking dogs more than babies.... cough.... ahem...... I think that's me....

My favourite book: Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Favourite thing I bought:
My new Levi's 711 and my new air max. I needed both (particularly the jeans, it was overdue) and new things that you really need feel great.

Favourite Perfume:
Jo Malone grapefruit, nearly empty and I need a new bottle!

Favourite Music:
m83's junk, Shapeshifter in general, Disney's Tangled, Jessie Ware, Jess Glynne, Nitin Sawhney, Radiohead, Now and Then Soundtrack (The orchestral), Pacific Heights and old school Arctic Monkeys.

Favourite social times:
any time I've hung out with the kiwis, Phil, Jason, Siobhan... My favourite weekend day was that Sunday I started riding again and then got to go trampolining. It was also a very painful week!

Favourite food:
Mac and cheese & M&S triple choc cookies. Not together.

Favourite people of the month:
Alexis closely followed by Ali & Lottie.

Favourite good news:
That Bella ran her 10k for Epilepsy charity and made well over 5 x her money target and that Miranda graduated. Congratulations ladies, I'm a very proud friend. 

What's your favourite things this month and why? Tell someone they're your favourite this month. Might cheer them up!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

What now?

I watched a YouTube video by Carrie Fletcher a couple of weeks ago called "the one where we've made it?" It really got me thinking.

She said that when she got her dream job in Les Mis, the question of "what now?" became something people asked. 

"Oh what an amazing achievement and you did it so young, what now?"

Then she got another dream job and everyone asked how she would top it again. Then she wrote her book which was amazing and everyone asked again, "what now?"

That's a lot of pressure to put on a young person, scary to think you've "made it" in your early twenties, but she spoke about how that's exactly what keeps her from being complacent and she will continue to ask herself that question. 

I'm not as young, but it got me thinking, especially as her job would probably have been my dream at her age, a dream I gave up. I thought firstly about my proudest achievements, getting a degree, becoming a producer, singing in bands, working on Merlin, singing on an album, working on The Hobbit, helping create a community garden, and now I'm back in soho working for a pretty cool little company on some great TV shows. 

What now? 

In my first few months at work, that question crippled me if I thought about it too much. It scared me to think that I had to live up to my past self. I didn't think I could at times. It's tricky when you've lived really great experiences and dreams and you don't know if the next thing will turn out to be as good, and if it isn't, I'd blame myself!

Putting pressure on yourself, gently, gives you the drive to do everything to the best of your ability. I don't have to live up to an old version of myself. The new version is fine, and the pressure is good. I like pressure, I thrive under it.

I'm not waiting for someone else to ask me "what now?" This is because I've not peaked in my current state so that question creates fear that I have to do something better really fast. Being good at something takes time, effort, care and a bit of passion. 

So, it's actually nice that I'm not asking myself "what now?" For the first time, because I'm just working on being good at "now".