Monday, 13 October 2014

South Island - Marlborough Pt 2

**WARNING** If you get bored of my nature and flower photography, this is not the blog post for you! 

On Sunday morning, we woke up to the most gloriously sunny day. We took the morning nice and slow, drinking numerous cups of tea in the garden and eating last night's plum crumble for breakfast. So scrummy! The wildlife was out and the garden was colourful, I went on a photograph taking mission. Brett and Pam's garden is just so gorgeous. 

^^ Hello Little Bee! ^^
Quite a few areas of the garden have had some mosaic done by Amy and her mum. It adds to the charm of the little place, everywhere you turn there is something pretty to look at. 

Amy did the big tree mural on the side of the workshop/gallery. 

After breakfast, Brett drove us down the coast to Kekerengu Beach. It was a lovely drive, straight through Seddon where all of last year's earthquakes were centred! Eeek! 

^^ I captured this one from the car, I'm actually pretty proud of it! Snow! ^^

We went to The Store for lunch. Pretty much the only place to eat here, but it was really good! Anything would be good with that view though. It felt just like summer sat in the sunshine. 

The gulls sat on top, squawking away, ready to swoop and steal leftovers. 

And then we drove back. Had another little hour of tea and chats, Amy played the uke. 
As we boarded the ferry to go home to Wellington, they saw our Hobbit Hoodies. 

"You're part of that dwarf/Elf gang right? You're not coming on here! No Gangs!" 

Jokes, 'course they didn't! I wasn't even wearing my hoodie! 

We waved bye to Picton and headed into the sounds at sunset. Sadly for me, the ferry went on a route slightly outside of them, but it was still pretty stunning. The photos can tell the rest...

And then it got dark. The last pink skies disappeared and we settled in the lounge with our lollies for entertainment. 

Thank you Amy for taking me to stay with your mum and dad, I had the most wonderful weekend and it was just what we both needed I think!