Saturday, 12 September 2015

A trip to Somerset part 1

For the Bank Holiday weekend, Mark and I went down to Somerset to complete some long hikes and attempt to eat healthily. Well I totally failed at it on the first night with wine, but what I consumed food wise wasn't too bad. And hey, I needed something after walking miles and miles through countryside, my bones were aching, still are in fact as I've continued to push myself on the exercise front.

We managed to secure a mobile home on a campsite. Our original plan had been to camp and save money, but alas, the weather gods weren't going to allow that, so we were sensible and got a lovely old Willerby mobile home on a campsite called Bowden's Crest.

This was the view by the front gate to get our keys. The perfect spot to sit with a beer and watch the sunset.

Isn't it amazing?

 The mobile homes were spread out on a beautifully manicured lawn and it was a really calm and quiet atmosphere. Not somewhere to holiday if you're a party animal!
This is a rather bad grainy photo of the back of the campsite pub. But it looked so warm and inviting with it's coloured lights.
On a little evening stroll there was a field full of cute little bunnies. This was the best photo I got. 
We got up early the next morning for a walk and headed down into the village. Langport isn't very big, but it's charming and sweet and the little houses, shops and thatched cottages are perfectly groomed and lovely to look at.

I know this photo of an abandoned building below is ugly, but we stumbled upon it during our walk. I kind of see it as a building of hope, because it's actually an old battery chicken farm which has closed down.  I like to think it's made way for all of the free range happy chickens which we now eat more of as a nation.

Here are a couple more sunsets from the evening. More Somerset photos tomorrow.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Warwick Castle

Mum is really good at collecting vouchers to get good deals on things. For the last two years, she has managed to get free tickets for Warwick Castle by collecting vouchers from newspapers.

We left at around 8:30am and took a leisurely drive up to Warwick from London. The traffic was fairly clear and we cruised the whole way. The Met Weather app had promised all day rain, the skies were grey and we had umbrellas and rain coats, but we weren't going to miss out on our free trip!

I haven't been since I was a kid at school, probably around 25 years ago or something so I was quite excited to see if it was anything like my rather faded memory. I have a feeling there's a lot more for the kids and tourists now. I remembered it being bigger, what we stepped into felt like a medieval village with lots to look at and actors dressed up.

The views from the top are rather lovely.
Hullo Peahen.
This carving is made from just one tree! Took 3 years to make. What an amazing skill and a beautiful piece! There were some lovely examples all round the inside rooms of the castle. 
The ornate picture frames don't look half as incredible, intricate and imposing as they were in person.

The rooms went on, but not for too long, just the right amount. I loved this little clock above but it was very difficult to photograph on my iPhone.

Below, mum and I took an opportunity for a mirror selfie with the long corridor behind us!
The little chapel was very peaceful and had some lovely stained glass windows. This is where I made a friend, a little 3 year old girl, who just came and sat with me and held my hand. After that, her family couldn't keep her away from me! It was very odd how she picked me, but very cute how she just kept looking up and me and reaching for my hand.

Mum sweet talked the butler into taking her on a date later while I just posed in the mirror hoping the maid would come and dress me in something fabulous.

Isn't this high chair below a cross between sweet and slightly creepy and "off of" a horror movie?! Eek!
Looking out of the window of the upstairs bedroom, there was this lovely view of the water with the knights in the background warming up their horses for jousting.
More incredibly intricate carvings. Imagine having that much patience?
The rain was definitely threatening as we walked over to the jousting, but it wasn't going to stop us! We stayed for a little while watching them play fight and canter up and down with giant sticks, swords and shields and then we headed back to see the scary dungeons and rest of the castle before all the families and kids swarmed back!

This was mum in the queue for the scary dungeon part in her wonderful frog. It wouldn't be a complete post without a photo of her in that raincoat. She loves it! It had the added benefit of giving her a floating head on the greenscreen they had set up, fun! Apparently I was the first visitor to point out that green isn't a good colour for taking photos on a greenscreen....

The dungeon was well worth the extra £9.00 on top of the ticket price. It was a really good bit of interactive theatre and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the actors explain their torture devices and give us little scares. 

Isn't she just the cutest?
I'd recommend Warwick Castle to everyone. It's a really lovely day out with loads to see.