Week Roundup

I've been back from Prague since Sunday, and in that time, I've had two barbecues, and three nights out drinking. Basically I haven't stopped the fun! 

The weather this week has been beautiful. I've topped up my tan, gone for dog walks, eaten amazing food and hung out with my brilliant friends. 

Here's some photos from my week. It started with sunbathing. 

Then a rotisserie chicken. We have the most amazing barbecue for this, and I stuff it with lemon and put my special herb mix on it. It smells like the ones in France! 

This is the herb mix below. It has Olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and herbes de provence in it. The additional rosemary is extra, on top of the rosemary already in the herbes mix. I just let the chicken spin on the rotisserie and paint it all over! 

Salad with tiny tomberries. 

Gorgeous sunshiny walks up on Bentley Priory with Max. 

Sian made a watermelon sculpture. 

And finally, Last night we visited her dad in Hackney. As you can see from the photo below, his flat overlooks the olympic site. I forgot my good camera and the photos do not do it justice, but the view was amazing for the opening ceremony and we could see Bond actually jumping out of the helicopter and into the stadium. Her dad cooked us a lovely meal and it was so much better having an olympic party than I thought! Proud to be British and all that!! 

This is the view of the other side. Shard and Gherkin! 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Enjoy the Olympics, cheer our teams on! I'm off to party in the sunshine! What are you guys up to? Let me know in the comments! I've fixed it so that anyone can comment now, not just members! 



  1. wow! you are soo lucky to be able to travel as you please. i love the good food you've featured and super cute doggies too xx

    1. Thanks again! You always say lovely things! My travel has increased this year because I'm self employed and work has been slow, I'd have gone mad if I hadn't saved up a bit! Wish it could be like this all the time! Back to work soon though! xx


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