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I thought I'd do another small summary of what I was up to last weekend, tell you about the bars I visited in case you fancy them for yourself!

Last Friday night. It was one of my friend's birthdays. Happy Birthday Brendan! 

He chose for us to go to The Whistling Stop, in Worship St, East London. I met my brother and a couple of friends for a home cooked dinner and pre drink. (Yummy food thanks Sian!) And off we went on the train. Kathryn and I spent quite a while watching Sian and Dave do their serious reading faces... until they caught me snapping away! 

You can make these animated gifs for yourself here. It's fun! 

The bar looked amazing, if a bit on the expensive side, we were quite excited though as we always are with new cocktails, and when we got in there, the atmosphere was brilliant and the staff really nice. 

Above is a picture of the menu. It's very hard to describe what's in there without you actually going to read it yourself, so hop over to the website on the link above. It honestly has some of the weirdest home-made ingredients in that I have ever heard of. I want to be as constructive as possible when talking about this bar, because, as I said, the staff were lovely and so was the bar itself. However, we failed to order a single cocktail which tasted nice, and we ordered around 5 or 6 types. They were all just a teeny bit disgusting. Particularly the birthday boy's. He ordered one called Bright Lights which has an ingredient called "Photo Oxidisation" in it. It smelt and tasted of TCP and left the most awful lingering after taste. This is such a shame for the bar. I think it would stop any of us going back again, yet it has amazing reviews online. I think maybe this one has just tried too hard! 

Kathryn and the Birthday Boy above. 

Above: The nicest cocktail of the lot which was mine and Sian's. I think this was the Elaichi. Sadly, I've still had way nicer drinks elsewhere. 

Me and the bro.

The room above is where they make their weird chemically sounding ingredients. It's like a freaky little lab! 

When we gave up on Whistling Stop, we went upstairs and next door to the Blueberry bar. I didn't take many photos or anything in here, (the ones I did take were blurry!) but we got a nice bottle of wine and had a good dance to the DJ. Good fun! I liked this one!

On Saturday night, I went out with some of my friends again. They were supposed to go to the Bloc Weekender at The Pleasure Gardens, which as most people now know, was shut down by the police on Friday night and never even got to be a "weekender"! So The Landseer Pub in North London it was! This is a Great pub, food delicious, nice service, nice staff, etc etc! 

Wine and Mezze with home-made dips. So yummy!

I'm going to end this blog here on the bars and restaurants. I have another blog prepped for tomorrow which isn't food or drink related, so I'll save it for a separate one! Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! 



  1. Thank you for you sweet comment annie! If we ever rent our house, you'll be the first to know!! haha

    1. Aw Thanks! I'll hold you to that! I need to get away from Rainy England! x


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