A quiet week.

This week I have mostly been quiet! I don't have a lot to say. Had some serious works to do, and nothing has been photo worthy. I have a couple for the blog though, always just a couple...

But firstly, my song of the week this week. I believe it's free to download, I got it free from her twitter. I just love her vocal in it, Miss Ellie and Tinie Tempah. 

Below are my summer fruits on a rainy day. I'm hooked on a small sprinkling of sugar and a drizzle of fresh double cream. Whoops! 

And below this, is me in the studio. I've been recording an album with my friend Ben for at least 6 months now. I think we may have gotten pretty close to finishing all of the vocals last night. Here's me! 

We're going to try and put a song up on here fairly soon so that you can hear some of what we've been up to. 

I'm off to Prague for a couple of nights. I leave tomorrow at lunch time and I'm staying with my friend Jack. He has a blog, it's here. I'll try and document the whole thing. I may not be able to post until my return as I don't intend to take the laptop, but we'll see! 



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