Laugh out Loud

Happy Monday! Hopefully I can give you something to read as you look out of the window at our dreary weather whilst trying to work out how to get through the week. 

So Here's what I've been up to! 

Last week, we decided to go and see our friend Jeff perform Stand up for his Edinburgh Preview at The Paradise in Kilburn. He runs a comedy night weekly at The Paradise anyway, but for this night, him and Katherine Ryan were testing out their sets for the Edinburgh Fringe shows. It's an amazing venue, if you've never been, check it out on the link above. 

I know I'm biased, but it was brilliant. Actually as friends we're the first to criticise Jeff's funniness as he'll probably tell you, however my face genuinely hurt so much from smiling by the time we left. The evening is well worth the tiny entrance fee, you can get guest list or pay on the night, and Paradise is such a lovely venue. I only took a couple of photos and they didn't come out very well at all. I was trying to be subtle! But I've included the best ones here. 

Katherine - above, had me in hysterics. She's definitely my new favourite! You can see a clip of her here. I can't encourage you all enough to go and see her live.

And you can find Jeff over at 
The website has all details of gigs that he runs and also ones he's performing in. 

Laughter is the best therapy. I have learnt this so much over the last week. I urge you all to go and see comedy this week, go here if you're in London! 

The rest of my week was pretty much spent having casual drinks with old friends. (Can you say alcoholic?!) We visited the lovely Castle Pub in Harrow on the Hill, which is a pretty scenic place if you saw my earlier post about Harrow. We also visited The Oddfellows in Pinner which is another traditional pub round this area. They have board games, garden heaters, rain shelter and blankets. Win! 

Below is a picture of our Sian on Saturday morning. We were down at Watford indoor market, and she made a friend! 

On Saturday night, Brendan cooked us a delicious meal. Spaghetti bolognese with side salad (I mention this because he picked some yummy olives with Feta in!) A cold glass of white wine accompanied it. Thanks Brendan! It was such a lovely evening. 

And finally, I went shopping in town yesterday with my buddies, and I really wanted a dress in Jack Wills. I didn't buy it because the fit wasn't quite right as it costs £60.00. It's also a summery little number, and lets face it, there ain't no sunshine right now! But here I am in it, in the changing room. What do you think? Should I have bought it? 

See you soon! 



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