Hen Party in Menorca

Number three of my rather out of date catch up blog posts. Lottie's hen do in Menorca! So out of date that she's married now! (Links for places are included where I can remember. Just click the bold name) 

First bar/restaurant and picking drink while the other girls secretly go off and get the villa ready. 

Did someone say "Ugly Calamari which tastes amazing?" I did! 

Church in the square. 

Story time with Tash when she realised that the internet just wasn't going to allow her to be on a conference call, so she was forced to give up and have fun!

Our first croquets. My goodness did we have some good ones on this trip. I kind of recommend getting them everywhere you go, they're always different in each restaurant you visit.

Proper Sangria.

Emily and her pickle willy! A client called me just as I was taking this photo. So hard to hold back the giggles! 

We arrived at our stunning villa after lunch.
The view was ridiculous!

Harriet was pretty happy about it.
Then the girls decided.....
To jump in the pool fully clothed....

Wonder if this would have worked as a GIF?!

That night we went to the Sunset cave bar. The Cova d'en Xoroi. 

Then I took so many sunset photos.....

Then it got dark and we got colder (cuddles!) and went drinking at another bar...

It got blurry!

The next day was overcast and we had a big brunch all together at the house. Barbecue and salads and all kinds of deliciousness!

Followed by a Gin Factory tour and cocktail making class which I couldn't recommend enough. Especially with the gorgeous Jose taking us round! Gin Xoriguer.

Cocktail room!

Historical Gin bottles!

I made this! 

This was delicious!

The sun was out by the time we emerged! 

Then that night we went to dinner. Look at this stunning Yacht!

 We ate in a restaurant called Way. A Japanese place and totally delicious.

Lottie needed to protect her white outfit! 

Blurry but so happy! 

Post dinner drinks...

The next morning the gorgeous Danielle did yoga before everyone was up. The two early risers sharing a room, I captured her when she wasn't looking!

Random metal house.

Random Mahon Photos.

On our last full day, we chartered a private boat from this company Antiga Meloussa who were absolutely brill.

Tash in her element. 

The weather was amazing and everything was way too photogenic. He took us round the island stopping at small coves and beaches and feeding us the most amazing home made lunch of goats cheese tarts, salads, strawberries and chocolates! 

Me in my element!

Glamorous ladies.

Hullo drinks hatch! Hullo Tash!

Then Emily jumped in before she was supposed to!

Then a few of us did and we swam to the little beach. The others paddled in on a little boat!

Gorgeous ladies. 
Lunch friend! Seriously blue water. 

Got going again and it was time to put the sails up! 

I didn't want to leave! Ever! 

We came into another little cove a while later and all swam in a row. No boat this time.

If you look closely at these photos, you'll see that a naked man gave us a show on a tightrope. First Naked tightrope walker I've ever seen. We're not sure why he and his friends were naked. But they were.

Not that great a group photo! I think sun tan lotion may have been on the lens....

We were supposed to go back and have a big group barbecue. What actually happened was possibly better. We got off the boat, went to Maria Bonita, a gorgeous Tapas bar and stayed there. It really was delicious. All night. Eating, drinking, joking, laughing, playing "I have never" we were there from about 6pm to midnight when we were all merry and exhausted from the day of sunshine, boating and swimming.

Boob dessert! I have very few photos of this night. Some are just like that. We were having too much fun in the moment.

The next morning I took a last little photo of the villa before I left.

And lastly, this one photo wasn't mine, but it's a lovely group shot to end on! Thanks to my friend Gretta for taking it.

I had such an amazing time with these ladies. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of women to go away with. And 3 days was too short for a holiday there, so I'm going back in a few weeks with Mum for a 1 week holiday! I think she's going to love it! The restaurants, bars, food, lifestyle, weather and views are just gorgeous. 



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