Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Bolton Abbey & The Devonshire Arms

After months of not updating my blog, dealing with life, thinking, "I'll get around to it" this is the second of a few promised updates which I should have posted by now so that I have a nice memory. I've been in my new job 5 weeks now and time is flying by. I'm in a better place mentally than I have been for a while and I'm feeling quite motivated. This trip we took was way back in March was a birthday treat for me and mum from Villy and Dave. 

A weekend away in Leeds and a stay overnight at the Malmaison (amazing evening meal in a deal package) followed by The Devonshire Arms right by Bolton Abbey. A dog friendly spa hotel, one I can't recommend enough. It was just the most charming stay and the hotel was full of my favourite animals, Dogs! Definitely gets 5 starts from me. The whole weekend! 

On with the very late photos. 

Rainbow as we drove in. A beautiful welcome.

Ernie was waiting for us at the house, excited for his doggy holiday..... I'm sure....

I didn't really take any photos at the Malmaison, so my photos start the next day, when we got to The Devonshire arm. We decided to give the dogs a good run out and Steve and Vicky came to meet us with their dog Poppy.

Overcast - Not good photo conditions.

Some of the Bolton Abbey Ruins.

Then a bit of blue sky started to clear.

This log was mad! Years of people putting coins in it!

And then yay! Everything looks prettier in the sunshine!

I wish I had a video of what happened just after this photo was taken....let's just say a certain Basset decided to herd some sheep... into the road.... David and Villy were running across the field shouting to him to come back. He wouldn't of course.... I laughed a lot, as did Steve and Vicky!

The views around here are seriously stunning.

Villy the man on the coin log.

On our last day, we went for a walk and found this in the woods! A hut where you can learn woodwork and make cool animals! No-one was there, but everyone is respectful enough to leave it. Wouldn't have that in London!

Little wooden animals!

Then the weird snow/hail started....

We walked back to the cafe just before it started to full in HUGE pea sized lumps....

Then it cleared again and we went back to the hotel to check out and say goodbye. Gorgeous hotel huh?

The last stop was lunch before getting on the road. We'd seen this advertised and had no idea what it was. "Billy Bob's Parlour." It was way better than we anticipated. Way better!

They actually started up the diner with the idea of using all local Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream, and my goodness, a milkshake here is incredible! I'd go as far as to say, one of the best milkshakes I've had. This is diner food and drink like you've never had. All locally sourced and cooked. I had the hot dog and that was no average cheap frankfurter, that was some local piggy sausage! I would actually go here again, and again, and again! I don't mind a bit of a cheesy venue, but mix it with awesome food and you've won me over. Billy Bob, I'll be back next time I'm up North.

No food pics unfortunately. I think we were too excited to eat.

I do love Yorkshire. I came back feeling refreshed, happy and like we hadn't spent long enough there.