Thursday, 27 July 2017

5 joys number 10

Gosh, It's been a while since I've reflected. And there is so much to be happy about.

1) I am so joyful, grateful and happy to have a great new job. I feel ridiculously lucky to be in the industry I work in and I feel hugely grateful that I get to work with such a cool bunch of people every day. I like this graph!

2) Really happy to have completed my third year as a member of Bernays Gardens Community Group. We just had our family picnic to celebrate our new pavilion at the weekend and despite the lack of volunteers, bad weather and generally all of the forces going against us, it was a success again and we raised quite a bit of money to put back into the gardens! Yay for community volunteering and gardening and nice people!

3) I've booked a holiday for me and mum. I can't wait for a proper week in Menorca actually exploring, this time at a slightly more laid back pace and hopefully with a bit more summer sun than we had a few months ago when we visited for the Hen Party! Can't wait for the food in the amazing restaurants there either. They're all so good and I've preparedly list of favourites from last time and some new ones from Trip advisor. Feed me all of the food!

4) I have so many theatre trips booked up to look forward to, I love booking things ahead in the diary. When they finally come round, it feels like you haven't even paid it was so long ago! Sometimes.... We're going to see School of Rock, Wind in the Willows, The Addams Family and mum managed to get tickets to see Kristin Chenoweth at The Palladium for me too! I also got tickets to take her to see Touch at The Soho Theatre which is pretty much sold out I think, AND Brendan and I are going to the giant Bouncy Castle thing in Alexandra Palace on August Bank holiday weekend. I mean. If I'm not a lucky thing and this isn't joyful and if I can't be grateful, then I must be a stuck up snotty nosed bitch!

5) Summer weather and stuff ya know?! All of the things. Picnics, Midsummer Night's dream in Shenley, village fetes. There's not a huge amount to complain about right now!