Saturday, 19 July 2014

Number 6 London - Sibling bonding, an art show and the theatre,

Last Sunday, I planned a sisterly day out. Helena and I went to Dave's house in Brixton where there was an art show in his street arranged by the local community. We ate some delicious Mexican which was being served up by a local restaurant and then we went over to Covent Garden where I took her to see Matilda. 

This was an emotional trip for me. I have been taking H to the theatre since she was quite little and we love our girly bonding trips. Now she's 12 and not so little any more. I've missed out on a little bit of her growing up since I've been in NZ. She got a bit teary when we were out and I had to wait until just after dad had picked her up before I had a little cry myself. :( 

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day and we loved the theatre. If you haven't seen Matilda, you really should. It was the second time for me. 

^^ This old train is now set up right in the centre of Brixton. ^^

^^ This pretty lady does portraits of you on the sewing machine while you wait. How bloody clever! ^^
^^ I really loved the raining crayons on here and I wanted to buy one. ^^

^^ The ladles on the right hand side were a particular favourite of mine. Would have looked lovely in my mum's kitchen. ^^

^^ Art which require 3d glasses. Very Apt! ^^

^^ Isn't she gorgeous? I know I'm biased, but she is. OK?! ^^

The incredible Matilda set above. We loved it, and I'd see it again and again!