Number 3 London - Hanging out with very good friends

A brief blog here. I'm a bit behind already! On Friday I went to see Mark. He's one of my oldest friends and we had lunch together at East Street. The day was unbearably hot and we needed to be inside with water and air con! I love East Street, it's a bit cool, but not too cool, and the food is yummy!

 ^^ Pad Thai...Mmmm ^^
 Afterwards, I took myself off for a mooch round the shops. I basically ended up buying shoes because my feet hurt and a cardigan. I guess I'll maybe share my London purchases another day if I run out of interesting stuff to say at any point! 
 ^^ It was nice to be back on Carnaby ^^

 ^^ I popped into Liberty ^^
 ^^ These were the little ballet pumps I bought to save my feet. See they're a bit red from the previous pair? :( These are from New Look wide fit shoes. I love that line a lot because I have chunky little feet! ^^

^^ I met Mark again after work and we went for drinks with these two below. We've all been friends for such a long time, it was amazing to see them and felt like I'd never been away. ^^

** Always frame your subjects with a dumpster in the background. God I'm a good photographer! **

^^My night ended with a happy meal, a free dragon and a Facebook comment just like this below.^^



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