Monday, 14 July 2014

Number 4 London - Party time

We woke up on Saturday Morning and I rolled over and groaned.

"Oh no... mum's organised a bloody party and I bet I end up doing all the work."

Max said "A party, a party, yay! Lets look out the window in excitement!"

My family were the first to arrive, but I didn't really get the camera out until it got darker. We had all kinds of food and drink and everyone from the age of 6-80 came along. It was so lovely to see them all, I really am lucky to have the family and friends that I do. These photos are for them, so I won't say much more! 

^^ My Lovely neighbours. Valerie is like my grandma. She's known me since I was a baby. ^^

^^ More neighbours and old family friends. ^^
^^ My chummies! ^^
^^ My glamorous friend Gretta and step mum Androulla. ^^
^^ My best chummy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! ^^
^^ Not the best photo, but I'm not vain, it was a lovely moment! ^^
^^ Me and Mummy! ^^

^^ I look rowdy here! ^^

^^ Me and my boy bonding mid party. ^^

^^ My little sis and brother having a chill on the sofa as it got later. Max is looking after them of course. ^^
^^ It was Brendan's 30th so I made him a cake and we put out balloons. ^^

^^ And we sat round candles drinking red wine and talking late into the night. As you can see from the photo  below, some silliness was had between me and the birthday boy. Max didn't look too impressed to be included. ** ^^
** No animals were harmed in the  making of this blog!