Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Number 5 London - Everyday Catchups in the Sumer Sun

Last week I went to Amersham with Gretta. Cara, her daughter, was my best friend growing up and although we grew apart in our teens, we're still friends to this day. She lived two doors down and we were inseparable as kids. Her mum worked as a hairdresser from home and if I was off school sick, my parents would drop me over at hers. 

Cara is now married and has two beautiful girls, Niamh and Honey. After Gretta taught me yoga for an hour, we set off to spend the day with Cara and Honey. (Niamh was in school) 

^^ Me and Cara ^^

^^Honey trying to take our photo ^^

The next day, I went to see Sian in her new home. She lives and works with Carrie an incredible artist who founded The Treatment Rooms. She specialises in mosaic and you can visit her website at this link :
The sun was shining and I trotted out of the station and just couldn't help being a bit smug that the sun was shining and I was off work with enough time to stop and take pictures of random flowers.

Their house is very easy to spot as you approach it. The back and front are covered in the most colourful and intricate designs. Describing what Carrie does and how she got where she is, would be a mammoth task for my tired brain to write here, and I think you should go to Wikipedia here to find out more, because my words can't do her justice, I'm just a lowly diary maker on the internet.

If you want to see any of these pictures bigger, just click on them.

After Sian had shown me her new pad, and some of the mosaic she was working on, we set off for a walk. First stop, coffee and home made mint lemonade. Mmmmmmm.....

We walked on down the high street and stumbled on this little place. An old cinema, now and antique/reclamaton/cute shop!

Now you may not believe me, but the man in the two photos above, with his back to the 

camera, is actually Ronnie Wood! In actual real life! He walked up to the shop just as I was taking the photo and I just carried on trying to be alblasé, but I didn't want to be as weird as to ask him to turn around... so I know he was there, Sian knows he was there, but you can't 

see his face!
We went shopping, got some food for  a picnic and sat and had a good old gossip in the sunshine, before I went off for some evening plans. 

The day after that.... I have been a busy bee.... Mum and I went on a traditional Gordon bonding shopping trip to Harvey Nichols. 

I was in rather a silly hungover mood. So I got out my favouritest and comfiest kicks, my Mickey Mouse leggings and rocked a  look. Not sure quite what look but it made me happy. I am a very mature 31 year old, have I ever told you that? 

We went for breakfast on the fifth floor. 

Lopsided face! 

Then we mooched around the food hall. One of my favourite places. I managed to resist buying this time though. 

Mum and I shopped some more on the other floors, then Brendan came to meet us.

Mum left to go home and Brendan was hungry, so we went back up to the fifth floor where he ate at Burger & Lobster. I drank coca cola for the hangover. And lots of water. 

We shopped a bit more, and left to go to his place in Wimbledon where he lives with his husband. 
Too many bags.... 

He lives in a gorgeous apartment in amazing converted old school, and a group of us had the most delicious dinner which he cooked.

Phew that was a long blog. Not enough time for these at the moment! Thanks for looking.