Number 1 London - Dog time!

After a 30 hour journey home via Melbourne & Dubai, enduring serial plane farters, fainters, flight misinformation and annoying seat recliners, I landed at London Heathrow to my daddy waiting eagerly at arrivals. 

**FYI the journey was actually quite good, Qantas airlines food not bad and nice people sitting next to me - just a long journey OK?!**

It's amazing to see my family again and my best friend Miranda came over last night. Max just had the cutest waggy tailed response though, I love him so much. I am going to try and blog most days while I'm here, but I will also try to write more in my blogs, even if it's just a photo description, because I've been lazy recently and I did actually like writing more on here once I got over my shyness. I love all my memories on here and I am on holiday, so it should be possible to show something interesting most days. 

So here's my first 24 hours in London in photos. Be warned, it's heavy with cocker spaniels and summer flowers. Oh did I mention it's the hottest day of the year in London today? Awesome, I left winter Wellington behind! :)

 ^^ Our reunion photo ^^

 ^^ "You're back finally! Play with me?!" ^^
 ^^ My mother is very proud of her garden. It is pretty in the summer though. ^^
^^ "Come snuggle. I have the best seat!" ^^

I woke up early this morning after a blissful sleep where Max popped up once in the night to check I was really still here! I made mum a cup of tea in bed as well as one for myself, made some fruit salad and took Max out for a long walk up to Bentley Priory, our favourite spot. It was gorgeously sunny and not too hot yet. Max attempted to roll in fox poo while I told him off, we ran, he paddled and messed with the cows. Blissful first morning which I followed up with a nice long shower, home made poached eggs and made a nice lunch for my brother and his boyfriend Villy. 

 ^^ I don't think it is, but doesn't this look like a Pohutukawa?^^
 ^^ This is the cottage next to the church in Stanmore, I think it's cute, always have. Right on a main road and quite out of place. See the old church peeking up through the trees behind? ^^
 ^^ Spaniel, long grass, bird chasing, cows, sunshine and butter cups :) ^^

 ^^ Me and my shadow, strolling down the avenuueeeeee..... ♪ ♫  ^^

 ^^ He's just the best running through that long grass. ^^

^^ Bentley Priory peeking through the trees. I've discussed it on the blog before. Google it! ^^

 ^^ This old run down thing makes me sad. It's in a place called Bernays Gardens really close to my house which was a gorgeous old walled garden where we had picnics with our nanny when we were little. It's been left to get all run down over the years and this old stable style block is collapsing, I think it's listed but the council aren't doing anything to fix it. It does seem to have had some new fences and benches put in while I've been away and some new signs have been put at the entrance, so maybe they're are attempting to fix it up. Maybe! Fingers Crossed! ^^

Happy Thursday everyone. I sure feel good today! I'll check the work emails later! :( 

New adventures for the blog tonight. I shall go and charge my camera battery. 



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