Friday, 4 July 2014

Number 2 London - Italian Job at The Ace Cafe

The Ace Cafe is located in London, just off the North Circular and fairly close to Wembley. It's been located on that site since 1938. You can read the incredibly rich history of it by clicking the name at the beginning of this paragraph. 

I used to go down there in my early 20's when I was actively hanging out with my VW club friends and I had the '71 beetle. They have club nights every month for different types of cars and bikes and everyone gathers, drinks a beer, has some hearty food and generally admires each others vehicles. It's a great way to socialise and make friends. 

My dad has 2 classic Lambretta scooters, he's reliving his youth! So last night, I went down to meet him and some of his friends as they do on the first Thursday of every month, Italian night. Lambrettas, Vespas and Minis were everywhere, the front was filled with people chatting and enjoying the hottest day of the year. 

As I walked in, my dad was standing there like a giant bloody tracking marker in orange, (VFX Joke, some people will get it!) with a film crew next to him from channel 5 causing a right old stir. It turns out he broke down as he was driving into the main area where every one parks up in front of the cafe. His carburetor fell off fairly dramatically I believe and they decide to interview him for a programme they were shooting and then he had to attempt to fix it while everyone stood around him. It was quite funny! 

After a really tasty fish and chips dinner, it was time to leave. We tried to start his girl up, but she didn't want to play ball. I got fuel on my hands holding my hand over the carb to try and stop the airflow but she just coughed. :( 

So to add more embarrassment and laughter, dad got a push start from his mates. 

 He rode off into the night with his buddies alongside him in case he had any more trouble, a very happy man. Classic cars and bikes will do that to you. It doesn't matter how unpredictable they are, everything is a fun adventure.

He had another reason to be happy as well. In September, he's doing a charity ride with four of his friends, all the way to Milan for a children's cancer charity and he managed to raise £200.00 in sponsorship while we were there. It's sounds like an amazing trip and for a really good cause. The link for their Facebook is here and you can sponsor on there too if you fancy.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm going to head to town and catch up with some old friends, see what's new in my hometown as I've been gone so long.