Monday, 21 July 2014

Number 8 London - Time to go home

Current state of affairs as I get ready to fly back to NZ tonight. 

1) Have I packed? No. 
2) Have I showered? No. 
3) Am I sitting on the sofa writing a blog? Yes. 
4) Do I want to leave this lovely summer and my dog and family to go back to work in the winter of New Zealand? No. 
5) Am I being a mature grown adult about this? No. 


In case you didn't know like everyone else in my world. I don't want to sit on an economy flight seat for 30 hours with a sore bum. :( 

Anyway, I've had the most incredible holiday back home. I'm certainly going back refreshed and happy. I still have some of the best friends and family I could ever ask for. And despite losing my purse, mobile phone, oyster card and injuring my bum and hand I can't really think of many bad things to say about my trip. So here's some photos that didn't make the cut in the other blog entries. 

The following 3 photos show a dinner I had at my brother and Villy's last week. It included prosecco cocktails, a whole duck and Villy's fancy surprisingly surprising mashed potato for main course, which was surprisingly delicious! 

 ^^ Their cosy flat ^^
 ^^ Some art on the way to the pub near Brixton ^^
 ^^ An attempt to get that pretty view, fail. ^^

 ^^ Dad cooking the lamb on the barbecue for my last family dinner. ^^
 ^^ My step mum cooking the rest and being the hostess with the mostess! ^^
 ^^ My brother being a boy and playing video games ^^

 ^^ Pickles, dad's dog. ^^

 So my sister seems to like sitting on the roof with the cats. 

 Her and my brother like loom bracelets too. Which they drop everywhere. I'm now the proud owner of 2 bracelets and a necklace. 

The roof is a great place to work on your loom apparently. 

 Some beer what I drank! 

 Max and I snuggled a lot. 
 New shoes! 
 I got very excited that the Swiss Clock has been returned to Leicester Square after years of being away. 

I died my hair red. 

I bought a lot of clothes including this starry cardigan. 

 Bracelet from my mum. 
And as Max is always such a big part of this blog I leave you with his goodbye to me. The Facebook status went a bit like this...

Bye London. See you at Christmas. Thank you to everyone who made this a brilliant holiday and sorry to anyone who I failed to meet up with and give a cuddle to. I will be back.