Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 - Fresh Start, New Blogs

I'm ready to blog again. I've had a lovely break, catching up with family and friends, generally being a lazy bum, eating too much, drinking too much, spending too much money... and now I detox. January is a no alcohol zone, unless it's a very special occasion! Over the last few days, whilst cleaning up my act and only putting healthy things in my body (boring) I have been catching up on 6 months worth of post from being away, sorting out the paperwork for my tax return, clearing out my wardrobe *yawn* but all these things make me feel so good really! 

So on this note, I cleared off my phone, to make room for new memories. The next few blogs are going to be photos and videos from the last couple of months that didn't make it on here, because I didn't have time or didn't feel it was worthy of a whole post. After these, onto the new memories of 2013!

I hope you enjoy!

My brother and I found a very cool pop up store in Beak Street, just off Carnaby. It was called "Circus of Soho" and you can read more about it if you click here.

This is Max on the first walk since I'd been back from NZ. So different to walking the pug, Libby on the beach in the sunshine just a couple of days earlier. 

My mum's usual Chrismukkah duo below, a Chanukia (sat on that classy newspaper!) and a massive tree.  

This is quite honestly the creepiest Santa ever! Spotted on a ride in Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park. We had a family trip. 

Carnaby Street at night. I love London all lit up like this.