Monday, 28 January 2013

Simple Thai Chicken Marinade

I wanted a marinade which wouldn't take long to make, but also wouldn't take long to get into the chicken. I wanted to be able to shove a bit of chicken leg in the oven and serve it up with a salad. It's easy peasy to make! 

Step Number 1 - get your ingredients - Only 6!

Soy sauce - x6 TBSP
Honey - x6 TBSP
Ginger small thumb sized piece - grated
Garlic - x3 cloves peeled and crushed
Chilli (medium for me) - cut up as tiny as possible
Lemon - whole one squeezed
Spring onions for sprinkling on top before going in the oven (optional)

Step 2 - Mix it all together

Literally, just shove the rough amounts above, onto the chicken (this is not science, not too much accuracy!) It should marinade up to 8 chicken legs/thighs. Whizz it round, pour all over the chicken, cover and put back in the fridge. 20 mins or more. I left mine for a day last week, and it soaked up all of the flavour amazing. 

Step 3 - Cook the chicken

You'll be altering your cooking time, depending on how many pieces you want, or how fat they are! Just make sure you cover them for the first half of cooking time, take them out when they're half done, turn them, making sure you have re-covered them with marinade, and put them back in with the cover off so that they brown off and go glazed, and lovely like the ones below. 

Step  4 - EAT!