Saturday, 12 January 2013

SALE TIME! What did I buy?

I have been shopping. I hate it most of the time, and I especially hate sales. However, I love to actually own new things and get a bargain! And at my own pace, or online, I can get quite good at spending money too fast. 

There is actually much more that I bought, but here's a small selection for you. Don't worry, I'm selling a load of things on ebay to pay for it all, and some were presents from my mum for Christmas! Still a bit of a whoopsie though! The sales are great, and you can really catch a bargain if you look out for it or buy online. A couple of things I paid full price for, but I thought they were worth it.

I love London January sales, it's the only time you'll see me really enthusiastic about shopping! 

This dress is from Diesel. I got it in a sort of faded dark red colour, not the colour above, it's called the Gertrude and it was reduced from £90.00 to £45.00 in their Carnaby St store!

Trackies from Jack Wills. Mine are really old and tired now, they were very similar to these ones, so I just went for the same again! Highcliffe Sweatpants reduced from £49.50 to £29.00. Their online sale is very good. 

This coat is from Oasis, and I can't wait for it to turn up. It was reduced from £98.00 to £50.00 and unfortunately, they didn't have my size in store, so I got it online here. 

I got this skirt above for a mere £18.00 in River Island. It was in exchange for something I took back. It has a slit up each side and is a nice wardrobe staple for work. 

These boots are from Office, they were £85.00 and aren't in the sale. I was in town and my old faithful knee high riding boots sprung a bad leak, which I've now had repaired by my favourite shoe repairer. I needed some dry shoes to get me through the rest of the day and evening. The ones in the shop, didn't actually match exactly leather wise, so I had a chat with the manager and she gave them to me with more than a 10% discount, so it was well worth asking, and they are so comfy. 

I'm skeptical about these. I used to hate shoes like this, but I tried on a similar pair the other day, and I liked the way they looked on me. Still they could turn up and I'll hate them, which is why I got them from Barrats, they were reduced from £40.00 to £32.00 and you can send them back if you don't like them or they don't fit, you can get a pair by clicking here. 

And finally, I got this dress from All Saints. Not in the sale, but gorgeous on and not bad at £88.00, it looks expensive on and hangs in all the right places! Just need an occasion to wear it for now... maybe my 30th! 

Hope you enjoyed a nose at my London shopping spree!