A walk in the snow

I said I wanted snow before I went back to NZ. Like magic, I got some, then I wanted it to stop because my toes were so cold when I walked in it! 

When I left London 6 months ago, we told mum to get herself a hobby to distract her from missing me. She enrolled on a photography course down the road at the college, and got herself a Nikon DSLR camera. When the snow came out really heavy the other day, we wrapped up warm, put Max in the back of my car, and took him to Bentley Priory. Mum brought her camera with and these were the best ones below. I'm very proud of her! 

By the way, for anyone who cares what I'm wearing, Wellies are from Hunter, Jacket is North Face (amazing for extreme weather with detachable fleece malarkeys inside etc etc!) and jeans are Levis. 

This is the only one that I took above. I'm chuffed with it! 


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