Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Horse riding

One of my favourite hobbies has always been horse riding. The closure of many London based riding schools has made this a tricky hobbie to keep up as an adult. Prices of lessons are more expensive than ever and most schools are only equipped for kiddies lessons. 

Recently I found out about Stanmore Riding School, went to visit them and once I'd settled into my job I booked a lesson, I'm now a member of the very small Sunday morning adult riding lessons. 

It's been two weeks now and apart from the agonising pain of using muscles which hadn't been used in years, I have one new friend called Marta who is around the same age as me, I think, and quite a funny instructor called Gary who challenges our riding skills as well as being a nice guy and taking selfies with us. 

I'm enjoying it, and I hope it carries on that way, because it isn't a cheap hobby, but it is fun to be back.

I like this Photo at the top because my horse Dumbledore was being a little angel while Penny who was in season spent the whole hour of our lesson shaking her head, going faster than she should, whinnying at the horses in the field for attention and further refused to pose nicely for a photo! Very funny!