This week. Good or bad?

This week has had the potential to be shit. I can be quite self critical but I think I may have been a bit self destructive, obnoxious and fairly irresponsible. Also grumpy. Sorry to my workmates, my brain is exploding! Trying to juggle many things, job, Airbnb, Bernays, family, walking the dog, generally just washing myself has been difficult. Adulting is hard. 

I smashed my iPad. Twice, first time was a small crack, second made it look like this. 
Both times I dropped it on concrete, it wasn't in the case to protect it and both times I had alcohol in my system. Not a lot, but obviously enough to be clumsy. 

I also nearly walked over on my ankles, nearly falling over about 4 or 5 times today. My legs are killing me because I went horse riding in the sunshine on Sunday and then trampolined like a nutter for an hour with a load of kids yesterday. Which was obviously the most fun day that I've had in a very, very long time. It turns out I'm stil capable of riding a horse with actual skill, Tumble and I really bonded actually, she was a lovely horse! Then I discovered I could still do star jumps on a trampoline.... 

It was a good week. 

PS Note to self. Stop swearing so much at work. Foul mouth. 


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