Tuesday, 7 June 2016

New start

I've updated this blog many times since last year, with deep and meaningful stuff about my life, why I stopped blogging even though I had content to post, why I wasn't really the same person any more.

I've kept those pieces of writing for my own benefit but decided not to put them on my blog. Sometimes when you're a grown up with a proper job and lots of clients, putting your innermost feelings on the internet is something to be careful of, and I had to have the internal debate with myself many times about whether my blog needed to know where I'd been. I've decided it doesn't.

I wanted to carry on the blog but I didn't know how, my life has changed, I don't go on amazing trips as much as I did when I was living in New Zealand. Working full time deals with that for me, but that's not to say life isn't fun and interesting and I always had this blog so I could make memories for myself and ones that other people could enjoy on their lunch breaks, as I had with so many other blogs.

So I think my blog style may change. All the archives will stay here for me to look back on.

Tomorrow, fingers crossed I remember to do what I've promised myself I will do, which is try to post a thought of the day, or a photograph. I have some ideas, fingers crossed I can see it through this time, I think I'm back in that place.

Thought of the day today:

It's not nice to let your emotional side take over your practical side. It confuses people. Emotions are hard but try to control them around people who don't deserve your inner bitch. (And yes, this is me telling myself off!)