Dog on the London Underground

I have been taking Max to work a few times a week. I'm lucky enough that my boss likes him and so do all the staff. No one is allergic and he's well behaved.

So today's post is actually about smiling, most people smile at me when I take him anywhere in London. For some reason, Londoners walk around all day looking like they've been slapped, but the minute you get on a busy train carriage with a friendly dog, everyone wants to smile at you and be your friend. One lady called across the carriage to me on Monday in front of loads of people to tell me, "your dog is beautiful!"

I love it. It makes my day whenever I take him to work with me and I inevitably come home in a better mood for having had him with me all day and for having people be nice to us.

But I don't understand why we can't all smile at each other a bit more, even we don't have dogs.
Maybe compliment a stranger or just simply smile.

Can we all try please? Spread the word! Maybe I'll make some badges that say "smile, I'm friendly Londoner!"

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