Friday, 10 June 2016

This Friday I'm grateful for...

1) Having a very tolerant bunch of colleagues, who when I was feeling hormonal and moody and shouting fuck, cunt around the office for a couple of days about absolutely nothing, just laughed along at my stupidity. At least when I'm grumpy I let people know in advance and I don't shout at them personally!

2) Going to the ballet with Miranda, Mum and Suzanne on Saturday to see Swan Lake and eating the best Italian meal I've had in a very long time. Da Marios in Kensington is so good if you get the chance to go. Such tasty food.

3) Catching up with an old friend who's had a hard time and knowing you made them feel better. Warm fuzzies.

4) Starting a new book on the train and getting absorbed into it really quickly. I haven't read a good book on my commute for a long time. Love it.

5) Making some cool things on our work instagram account. I enjoy a bit of social media. I tried to avoid getting to involved as I'm so busy with all the other stuff, but my what fun we're having coming up with cool ideas. It's the best working around enthusiastic teams of artists.
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What are you grateful for or happy about this week?