NZ8 - Red Rocks and Bachelor Seals

Yesterday I was taken on one of my favourite days out so far. We had so much fun and laughter, it was just what I needed after a week at work. Rachelle's best friend Sarah, had agreed a few weeks earlier to come to Red Rocks to see the seals with me, then she arranged for her partner Rod to take us in his 4x4 for a proper adventure! It's a seven seater Land Rover so there was me, Amanda, Sarah, Rod, Dean and Rachelle. 

I was on packed lunch duty. I went to Strathmore Bakery and bought some lovely baguette type bread which was still warm when I picked it up. I made 4 varieties of sandwich, packed chippies (crisps), olives, shortbread biscuits, and some cans of drink. The others brought beers and a few other bits and bobs. We all got in the Land Rover and off we went, past the bays and onto the rugged beach. 

We drove up over Devil's Gate, which the girls were absolutely terrified of, much to our amusement. 

And over the other side, were the bachelor seals. They are called this because they are the ones who were unsuccessful in mating! Lonely Seals! This makes them less aggressive apparently, I was told to be very careful of them because they can get angry, but they really just seemed only interested in sleeping, occasionally looking at us, then rolling back over for another nap. 

I got everyone to line up for a group shot. 

  Then got one myself with our very own Action Man Driver Rod! And wearing my new North Face Jacket! 

We drove further down, heading for the leaning lighthouse which you can see in the distance. Slipping and sliding in the sand and rocks... 

Then we got stuck. Action Man had to let some air out of the tyres. 

And then we pushed. Well I watched while I was taking this photo, but I did join in after... honest! 

We thought after freeing the car, that now might be a good time to stop and have the picnic. We were joined by a tiny spitting of rain, which gave us a rainbow! 

This was a very remote group of huts/houses. Right next to us. I wonder who lives there?

We headed back off up the coastline towards home, where sadly, we got stuck again. I decided now was a good time to start filming, much to the annoyance of my buddies! I have made a short rescue film here. 

Red Rocks from Annie on Vimeo.

If you want to read any more about Red Rocks and the Seal colonies. Click here.

I'm cutting the blog short here today. We went on to have further adventures, which I'll blog tomorrow. It has taken me a while to write this one whilst editing the video, having Sunday dog walks and having people over for dinner. I'm moving house again next week and had a fair bit to do in preparation for that. So on that note... see you tomorrow for part 2! 

I just want to say thank you to Sarah and Rod again for taking me out for the day, and to my new friends who really made this a funny, fantastic and heartwarming adventure. I had the most fantastic time. 

See ya! 



  1. soo cool! road trips are always fun. kinda funny the car stalled but love how you guys were in such a good mood about it still x


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