NZ8 - Part 2 - Massey Memorial and Bunkers

So, I'm a bit later than promised with this one due to work, but here we go. 

After we left Red Rocks, we decided we hadn't had enough outdoor adventures on this beautiful day, so it was back to the supermarket for some more beers and some hummus for the chippies, and off we went up Massey Memorial. Now as you know, I blogged this a few weeks ago, but if you keep going up the hill, past the memorial, it takes you to where they built some of the set for the Hobbit. Which can't be show here for legal reasons. But just behind that film set, is one of my favourite things.... old war bunkers! Derelict and ready for me to explore! Ones which you can sit on top of and watch the sun set over Wellington whilst supping on your drink and munching. Just the perfect way to end an adventurous outdoorsy kind of day before retreating back down to Rachelle's to watch the rugby. 


Here are my Photos. 


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