NZ9 - The Roxy Cinema

The Roxy Cinema in Wellington was originally built in 1928 to screen silent films. It was called the Capitol then. It was one of the first cinemas I saw when I came here, at the bottom of the road to my work in Park Road, Miramar. It has a beautiful art deco facade which is eye catching as you drive past. (I borrowed this daytime picture from the flicks website)

I've been dying to go there as it has an amazing restaurant which everyone had told me about, and they know how to show you a film in style, with the comfy leather seats, old fashioned sweets and a really nice bar serving all sorts of drink, we did wine! 

We went to see Hit and Run a comedy written and directed by Dax Shepard. I bit of light relief on a work night after a hard week, with some of my favourite actors and actresses in it. 

Anyhow, I've provided the link above for you to find out more about this lovely building, owned and lovingly restored by some of the guys at The Weta Group, and let's face it, they know what makes a good film experience, so on with my photos! 

It was dark when we went in, the the little lights twinkled magically at me. 

Sorry for the above one being blurry, I wasn't really on form, more fascinated by looking around inside the entrance in awe. We got our tickets, sat down for dinner and drinks in Coco, the restaurant there, and I went for a wander with my camera. (iphone!) 

Above, the beautiful retro science fiction mural on the upstairs ceiling. 

Above, my darling Gollum, who is undoubtedly my favourite character In the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 

The amazing light fittings upstairs, and below another blurry image of some hand made costumes they have on display. This swaps around occasionally and next month, being that it's nearly the world premiere of The Hobbit in Wellington, and it's owned by the Weta peeps, there will be an exhibition of props and other paraphernalia from the film. 

Dinner was delicious. We all decided to have the small plates so that we could try a few things and share a bit. 

Calamari with apple and walnut coleslaw. 

A general overview of the table of deliciousness above, and my tasty pork sliders below. Mini burger type things! 

And finally, into the film where we settled in for a good giggle with some old fashioned sweets and a couple of bottles of wine! 

Ahhhhhh Bliss! 



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