NZ7 - All Blacks Tattoo, Mount Kaukau and more food!

This week has consisted of work, more eating, more rugby, and walking up a mountain. 

We had the usual after work drinks on Friday, and after a chilled out Saturday cleaning, brunching and watching the movie Horrible Bosses, or rather dozing in front of it, we went out to watch the Rugby at our local haunt, The Gasworks. We all donned fake tattoos (which my mum thought was real on facebook, even with the smudges!) and although I'd love to show you photos of everyone, I did promise not to post everyone on my blog for the world to see! 

New Zealand won, again! I went home for an early night on this occasion after the match finished, and sprung out of bed on Sunday morning to go and do my supermarket shopping for the week. Then Nick texted me. 

"Want to go for a hike up Mount Kaukau?"

I did! So I drove his own car, round to his and Dean's house up in Wadestown, which he had left with me a few days earlier and we headed towards Khandallah to the bottom of the walking paths. Over the railway track...

Mount Kaukau (click on the name for wikipedia!) also known as Tarikaka is the highest visible point in Wellington. Spectacular views of the city, harbour and the Rimutaka and Tararua Ranges can be experienced from the summit. On a clear day Mt. Tapuaeoenuku and the Bryant Range in the South Island may be seen, whilst northwest is the Porirua Basin and the broad expanse of the Tasman Sea. (I just copied this from Wikipedia!)

Nick checked his phone to see if this was the easy path. We didn't really have a clue, so we took it anyway! 

Looked easy enough to start with!

We may have been wrong... we stopped for a rest here, about a quarter of the way up...

Then again a little bit further up... we were getting a bit sweaty now! 

Then we started to see the Telecom tower at the top... we must be close by now, surely? 


And then were were there! It was so worth the effort! A stunning clear day with views all round. You could literally see everything. The South Island, snow capped mountains, all over and off the edge of Wellington. 

Nick taking photos with his camera. (better than mine, but ho hum! I'd invest if I knew how to use one!) Maybe in time! 

Mana Island below, which at one point was used as a quarantine island. History here.

You can just about see the snow capped peaks in the distance here. I'm afraid I can't remember the names of these, but the South Island is just to the right. 

The compass point guide which indicates what you are looking at.  

And finally, me! Posing for you at the top! It was so windy, I needed my hood up! 

Lastly, as I always seem to end my blogs with my food discovery of the week, here are some yummy Cadbury's Jaffas which are like chocolate orange smarties, and my first New Zealand Beer, Monteith's golden lager. 

I finally got fed up of wine and took a break! 

Until next time blog readers! My blog count hit is gradually rising here, so please tell everyone to read my adventures and leave me messages. Although I'm having an amazing time, and have met awesome new friends, I still miss my hometown and buddies! 



  1. Loving the blog. I am coming out to NZ for a year a week on Thursday, it's nice to know what to expect!!

    1. Oh thanks! That's very sweet of you. How come you'll be out here for a year? Holiday or work? Good luck with it, it's a beautiful country and the people are lovely, you'll love it! x

  2. Bit of both really, I've got work set up but I'll be out on a holiday visa. Finger's crossed. I am starting to feel quite nervous. :s


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