Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NZ10 - Fort Ballance

I've just done another really long shift at work, so excuse me if this blog is a bit brief. 

At the weekend, we went for another dog walking explore. A walk up to Fort Ballance situated on Pt Gordon, weirdly enough, as I love derelict building like this, and what an explore! I can't wait to go back and have a look some more with the dogs. 

There's graffiti all over the place, but tunnels and random rooms and views to die for, and the weather was just perfect. Click the link above for more history. 

In the evening, we went for a meal at Beach Babylon with some work buddies. It specialises in fondue, of the cheese and chocolate variety. The chocolate and baileys one was so good, I finished some of mine off with a straw! I'm going to be such a fatty! Then we went into town..... there are no pictures of this (well there are, but not for public eyes!), it was a tad messy, but fun! Courtenay Place in Wellington is where it's all happening on a Saturday night, and we sure did paint the town! 

On with my pictures...