Tuesday, 4 September 2012

NZ6 - Beautiful Views Of Bays, Amazing Friends And Eggs!

I have been a very lucky girl. Wellington is renowned for it's windy weather, heavy rain and hail. So far I have seen a fair amount of that, but there have also been stunning sunshiny days and calm water that looks like glass. Rare apparently. I'm hoping this is a good sign as we go into spring over here whilst London is heading into Winter. Two summers this year for me! 

I didn't feel the Earthquake 2 nights ago, but apparently there was one while I was sleeping. So yes, lucky I feel! 

The other day, Dean broke me free on our lunch break, it was a beautiful sunny day and as everyone else seemed to be taking advantage of it and the work emails went quiet on us, he took me for a drive along the rugged coastline on our lunch break with the top down on his car. He's the boss, so how could I say no?! I snapped these pictures on the move on my iphone as we drove along, past Lyall Bay, Tarakena Bay, Palmer, Reef and Flax Bay and on round Scorching, Kau and Evans Bay where the Massey Memorial is. He stopped the car and we walked up to the memorial to see the breathtaking views. 

 The sea view as you drive down one of the roads. 

The track was a little tricky in my heeled boots which I had worn for work that day, but so worth the effort!

A Panorama stitched with Photosynth, a great app! 

On a completely separate note, I am obsessed with eggs right now. I have finally inherited my mother's obsession! The eggs here are amazing, I had heard good things, but oh my! At work they make us Poached Eggs on Toast, and they are just so absolutely perfect. I am going to become such a fatty! 

I moved into a new house on Saturday which is much nearer work and all of the beautiful bays, so on Sunday I took my sad little hangover after a girls night, on a 3 mile walk to the beach at Lyall Bay, to meet my friends and their dogs, Libby the pug (Dog with no face!) who you met in an earlier blog and Pepper (dog with face!) I had my proper camera on this walk and I snapped these 2 photos. 

And lastly, I received a message from my darling, amazing, beautiful friends in London this week. They had made me a video the night I left London and posted it to me on facebook. It had to be shared here, because I am so grateful and lucky to have friends who I love so much back home. I truly miss them so much and cannot wait to see them at Christmas after I finish my adventures out here! Here it is, for the world to see. Everybody sing along.... "Annie's on a plane!" 

Lots of Love until my next post. Leave me a comments people!