St John's Old Church Stanmore

I honestly can't remember if I've specifically blogged about this church before. I know it has appeared in my blogs in photographs. I've visited many times in my life, but I'm pretty sure I never dedicated a whole entry to it. I think I just thought about it because it's yet another building that I have a slightly odd sentimental attachment to, having visited many times as a child with my best friend growing up, Cara.

St John's Old Church is just at the top of my road in Stanmore. It dates back to 1632 but when they built the new church on the site in 1850, it was sadly no longer used. (I believe there are very occasional services in it now on special occasions, but I guess the weather needs to be good for those!)

It's a grade II listed building and is open during the summer season for visits. You can walk round the outside any time of the year though. You can read all about it here. 

My friend Mark and I are regularly going to go on long walks and explore every Sunday so hopefully I can find lots of new places to photograph. These were from last week, and it was a horrid, grey,  overcast day. Not too inspiring, but I think I got some nice shots of the old place anyway.

The Old church stands just behind the New Church. I think my photo may be a tad out of focus. You aren't drunk! 

I have always wanted to go up into the tower, but I don't think anyone is allowed. It isn't safe. Knowing what the views are like from Stanmore hill, I reckon they'll be pretty nifty from the top of the church. 



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