Jacket Potato Skins - Comfort Food!

My first attempt at a cooking post for a while, only I'm not sure I'd class this as cooking, it's pretty basic. 

After Christmas, my mother had a humungous bag of potatoes left from her stupid Costco shop. (I despise that place) so I started making things with them. 

My lovely neighbours have been quite sick too, so I wanted to make them simple comfort food that they could keep down being that they are both vegetarian. 

So this is it, the perfect lunchtime treat or accompaniment to a steak and you can pre make them and keep them in the fridge of a lunch the next day or something. 

1) Place potatoes in oven. Please pierce the skins. I never bothered, and then on this occasion, a potato actually exploded. Everywhere!
2) Gather your ingredients and equipment.
3) Prep it. Grate, chop and all of that malarky.

4) Make your accompaniment if you intend to eat them straight after making them. Mine was this delicious looking salad.

5) When the jacket potatoes are cooked (stab them with a fork to test) scoop out the insides into a separate bowl.

6) Add the butter and cheese. Be generous.
7) Add the spring onion.

8) Scoop back into the little jacket skins. They should look generously heaped with all of the ingredients added. Although I did just use the inside of one little potato to make them more generously heaped. He didn't have the right jacket to be like the other potatoes, poor fella.

Ether leave them in the fridge for later or warm them up straight away and eat. (Even though you mash them hot, they lose a lot of heat so it's always worth putting them back in the oven for 10 mins)

As you can see, I ate mine straight away.


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