Sunday, 8 February 2015

Murder on the Orient Express

Mum and I live next door to the most wonderful people. They have known me since I was born and are just like the grandparents I never had. (It's them who I was cooking for in my previous blog)  

We love them very much.

For Christmas they really went to town on the present for us, and we received a Murder Mystery Trip on the Orient Express with wine, Champagne and a 5 course meal. How lucky were we?! 

We got to London Victoria Station and checked in at the lounge. 

^^^^ It really bugs me that this photo was taken off centre, and I generally don't edit my photos, so I didn't, but it does annoy my OCD! ^^^^

After a little photo op, we were shown to our carriage for the day. Her name was Minerva. 

The carriage was warm, ornate and beautiful and gave a sense of luxurious, old fashioned comfort. We were welcomed on and given a glass of Champagne with some posh little canap├ęs to eat. 

We looked through the menu for the day and the wine list. I'm not sure what I was thinking of in the photo below. 

As we departed from the station, there was a murder and a lady ran through the carriage having been stabbed in the back. 

Then this mysterious lady below came in to talk to everyone in the carriage individually about the murder, it had begun. The aim was to win as a carriage. If I'm honest, it was never about the winning for us, and this was obvious when we failed to get the murderer at the end. We had a darn good time though with my Kiwi friend I'd made and the lovely couple next to us. 

They started serving food as the drama unfolded around us and different characters visited giving us little slithers of information. 

This pumpkin soup was so outstandingly delicious, it deserves two photos. Who knew pumpkin soup could be so yummy? 

The train sped on towards Kent and  you can't imagine how lovely it was to see the country side roll by as we ate.
Actors and actresses continued to come through and try helping us. I think if we had actually concentrated we might have done a bit better but it was so much fun meeting all of the characters and chatting to them, I just don't care! 

^^^^ I think this actress above may have been a bit squiffy from the champagne! She was quite funny! ^^^^

We hit a little bit of coast and you really do feel almost like you're going on a holiday, even though you know very well that you'll be back in London later. 
In between cheese and dessert we explored a few carriages down which were empty. We took advantage of the situation (a little tipsy) and tried out all of the chairs and taking lots of photos.

 The toilets were the best train toilets ever!

And then my photos suddenly ended. We got back into Victoria as it was getting dark, just a little tipsy and very happy. It was such a wonderful experience. Probably best we didn't solve the murder and win the champagne!