Things that have made me happy recently - the last of 31

Haven't done one of these in a while, but there are many photos of things in my phone which made me happy in the last few weeks. I like to be happy, you like to be happy, so here you go. I'm sharing my happy with you! It's the little things in life, just remember that. They don't have to be a big fancy deal. This will be the last happy list whie I'm 31... eeek... I'm properly heading into Bridget territory now! Been wearing the big pants and everything!

1) Home made burgers with Dairylea cheese slices on top. We ate them in front of an episode of Broadchurch. Amazing. 

2) My little brother Peter being asleep in the back of the car after the journey back from Hull. He had spent a fair bit of time asking "how many minutes left?" so it was quite cute to see him all passed out on the coats and blankets in the back. 

3) The first sign of flowers on our dog walk. It's not much, but it brightened up the otherwise grey day. 

4) Finding reduced Mozzarella and Cheddar things in Sainsbury's and waiting for them to cook. Nothing better than getting something yummy that's reduced too! 

5) Finding what has so far been my favourite beer since I've been back in the UK. (Not that I've tried very hard, but it was delicious) 

6) Spending time with my sister just being silly. I have to remind her that growing up fast really is not the way to go! 

7) Going to see Louis Baker in St Pancras Old Church with Ali. It's just the most wonderful venue and it felt so special. He's a really, really good musician and vocalist. 

8) This tiny attempt at snow. Come on London, you can snow for my birthday. You've managed it other years! 

9) Dinner at Sartoria in Saville Row with Brendan and Yaya. This was the most delicious pasta I've had in a long time. The whole meal was incredible and the experience was generally just a really good one. It's the kind of restaurant that makes you feel special, right from the waiters to the comfy chairs to the wine. Mmmmmmm....

10) Wandering round London and finding little tiles like these ones. They put a little joy in my heart because I know just where they came from! 

What's made you happy this recently? I'd love to know.



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