Thursday, 23 August 2012

NZ3 - I'm sorry!

Since my last blog, I have pretty much done nothing but work, and have a few bevvies of an evening. We went to the local pub near work the other night, The Gasworks, I found a new flat with some lovely workmates, which I move into next week, I opened a bank account, and went for lunch with my old boss from London, who is from Wellington and works down the road from me now, (surreal and really lovely! Thanks Marie, made me feel at home!) and I worked, and worked, and worked. I went for a very small walk on Sunday to the supermarket, but that's about it! I intend to get out an about this weekend and am booking some more theatre tickets, so hopefully I might have something to report home about! 

So, Here are a few photos of New Zealand things which I have discovered, and I swear I will get out and about this weekend. 

My new favourite drink to replace Rubicon.

Apparently, smoking causes you to turn into Gollum here. 

The gorgeous pug Libby. She belongs to my workmate. 

The view on the night of a storm from my good camera, I'm trying to use it, but it's tricky when you don't get out of work much! 

I promise to post something more exciting soon! 

Leave me a message! 

Lots of love. XXX