Saturday, 11 August 2012

Last few days in London :o(

Well the sad face isn't so appropriate here, because I'm happy to be going. But seriously, if one more friend sets me off, I won't be able to open my eyes! They hurt a bit from a drunk crying session last night in bed with my dog!

My gorgeous, amazing, wonderful group of friends, have all given me the best extended send off this week. I couldn't have asked for more time and love from them all. 

So although, I wasn't going to blog until I have some NZ adventures, here are a few photos from my week. 

My leaving party at home. 

The next morning when we started drinking again before lunch time...

Just a Spider's web.  

Just a Hobgoblin

Just my fave sunglasses right now. They're Ray Bans from Harvey Nichols. The top is New Look and skirt is Uniqlo. 

Camden Beach On till the end of August, so plenty of time to go, and it's free, and it's on the roof of the roundhouse! Great fun. 

Last night in London starting in Regents Park then heading to Soho for a last cocktail. 

The moment Philly discovers that the lady in the shop has given him the wrong shoes. 

See you all from New Zealand!