Monday, 13 August 2012

NZ1 - Journey to my new home

Kia Ora from New Zealand!

So my brother and mum took me to departures at Heathrow Terminal 1 on Saturday night, I went in a tad emotional, downed a large JD and coke and got on the plane. Then I inhaled my complimentary sparkling wine and a further 3 glasses of Sauvignon… that could be why I thought I might throw up just before we landed in Hong Kong!

Flying to New Zealand is ridunculous! It just takes so long! I am so happy I didn’t have to fly economy on this occasion. The constant top ups of wine, decent food and a bit more space made it all worthwhile! I even nicked the little bag with flight socks, an eye mask, some Clarins products and a toothbrush a toothpaste! Bonus!

The food on the plane was ok, pretty nice on the first leg, a bit wrong on the second! I won't bore you too much but here are some photos. There's not a lot to do on 12 hour flights! 

 Tasty brownie and smoked salmon above. Rank chicken below! I made the wrong choice! 

On the stopover in Hong Kong, I snapped this picture out of the window and took advantage of the wifi to chat to my Miranda and Ali on Whatsapp, my new best friend! Finally built up the courage to open my card and present from Miranda! I had saved it because of my new found over emotional side!

This it the beautiful bracelet she bought me. I shall wear it for protection at all times!

I landed in Auckland on Monday morning, even though I left on Saturday night and had only travelled for 24 hours! It was still Sunday night in London. I was very confused! I couldn’t remember if my friend was meeting me at the airport or not, and I met a lovely lady called Rebecca, who also lives in Wellington, who took me to the First Class lounge on her husband’s gold passes for a drink when we landed. She was so sweet!

In arrivals there is a large wooden sculpture arch which you go through. This dude needed to be photographed! 

My friend, Dean called and said he was waiting for me at arrivals. (We had landed early so I hadn’t seen him!) We were going to spend the day in Auckland before flying to my new home in Wellington in the evening.

We drove into town to meet everyone, half of them were my new colleagues and half were other friends that they knew, and we went for breakfast. They had all been to a gig the night before and were pretty funny and hungover! Then we went to a Butterfly farm and petting zoo that they had seen and wanted to visit! It was such a bizarre way to spend a day after 24 hours on a plane! It was just what I needed though, and a good way to spend a day before yet another flight.

Dean got attacked by a butterfly, which we think wanted to masturbate on his neck, and we saw the lamest crocodile exhibition ever! Run by a Scottish man who we named Boring Bob.

Butterflies coming out of their Chrysalides. (I just learnt this is the plural!) 

When we finished here, we went on to get some food and back to the airport.  Although I haven’t photographed my food, as I usually do! EVERYTHING here looks and seems to taste amazing so far. Even the food at the farm. I think I could get very fat!

So, we got on the plane down to Wellington, I really tried hard to stay awake and write this blog, but I passed out! We got back into Wellington, had a drink at my new colleagues house, and then went on to my temporary new home…. Ahem… Can I stay there?! It’s the most incredible house up in the hills.

This is the view from my new bedroom window when I woke up for my first day at work this morning. It was dark when I got there last night, so I took this photo as the sun came up out of my window. 

And finally, here I am, reunited with Deano after 18 months. I can't even begin to describe my first day at work today, all I can say is, now I know why films are being made here. I thought I had it good in soho, but this place is something else. More on that later! 

Hope everyone back home is well, I miss it already. Comments box below to send me messages! And keep whatsapping me everyone! 

Lots of love! xxx