Sightseeing LA Part 2 - Christmas at Disneyland

The next day we woke up really early to try and get to Disneyland for 8am. I tried to get a little time-lapse of the sunrise out the window with my shiny new toy. (iPhone6) I was a bit too late to get a great one.

Now I'll need to make a disclaimer on this post. If you don't like Disney, don't bother reading on. It's Disney overload, and I couldn't choose, so I really went to town with the Photos.

We had picked up some smoothies to keep us going in case we were late or couldn't get breakfast. This was a good idea. 

After queuing for parking and then getting a shuttle bus, all of the boring things we don't usually talk about if we can help it, because it's dull! We got to Disneyland, the station looming in front of me like I had seen in movies.  

Ambitious at Christmas, we bought a park hopper which meant we could go to both in one day. It was my dream to go the original 1955 theme park and Tim's dream to go on Tower of Terror (his fave) So we figured we'd try both parks, which actually worked in our favour. When the main one got too intense because of crowds, we hopped over to California and it was much more bearable.

I felt immediately Christmassy as the giant tree towered above us and marching bands swooped past. 

^^Look at the Mad Hatter above! ^^

I got really excited and began to take photos of everything. I have tried to select the best from the day below. 

^^The first ride we went on was Space Mountain. A good starter!^^

^^Obvious selfie when trying on hats.^^

^^For breakfast we ate Churros^^

^^And then a lunch of slightly "wrong" Mexican, but it did the job^^

The Haunted House had been taken over for Christmas.

^^I became Disney Fire Chief^^

^^The Tower of Terror is the kind of ride I usually don't do. The ones that just drop. And although I was terrified it's Tim's favourite, so we went twice.^^

^^I think it looks like Sully has picked this man up!^^
^^The Bugs life 4d experience was surprisingly good fun.^^

As the sun began to set, we headed over to the big one you can see below for a good old fashioned loop the loop roller coaster.

But not before I made Tim and Rob stop off at The Little Mermaid for a cruise in a clam shell with me singing along next to them. 

^^See? This photo is evidence. Everyone loves Ariel and Sebastian.^^

The parades were so magical. We caught bits of both park's and because it was so busy, we figured it was easier to keep moving and we'd get to see more. I think that theory worked. We didn't spend hours wasted trying to find a place to sit which would just have a crap view but caught loads of the action and atmosphere. 

Disney is just so magical at Night. Add Christmas into the mix.....
....and you literally get an explosion of magical fairy dust sprinkled all over your soul.

After the fireworks, Silent Night started playing, the snow began to fall and it was time for us to head home. I felt like a little girl who's parents were making her leave and I literally had a tear in my eye. 

Thank you Disneyland for giving me back that feeling. 


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