Sightseeing LA Part 1

From the moment we arrived in LA we were on the go. We dropped our bags at the apartments on Venice Beach and went straight out. We attempted a small shopping expedition in Santa Monica first, but we were too hungry. We headed to our first food destination, In n Out Burger.

Rob and Tim have done everything before, so they were my official LA tour guides. Some planning had gone into this mini break and we already knew what we were going to eat.

It involved a lot of calories.

 This was the complete order for three of us. As you can see, I was pretty happy about it. 

Ready for the close up?

This was hands down one of the top ten burgers I've ever eaten.

Once we had consumed all of the food and all of the fizzy drinks, we headed out to the shops. Most of them are open late night for Christmas, and we needed to work off the calories... with a little retail therapy and festive cheer.

There really is no better way to feel festive than this. Check it out.

As we looked down, the excitement bubbled up inside me. After Christmas in New Zealand last year, I have been feeling so excited for this year in the cold at home with mulled wine and lights and all of the trimmings. This was awesome! There was fake snow, live Christmas singers, trams with dancing ladies on, you name it and this little shopping centre had it. 

I insisted on posing for social media photos in various spots round the precinct. 

After this, we did what any self respecting person who had eaten so much would do.

We went to the supermarket, bought lots of Oreos, S'mores and various other American treats which we wanted to try and went back to the apartment for a cup of tea and a discussion about what the next day would bring. Would it be Disneyland? Or would it be sightseeing?


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